4 Spring Colour Trends to Brighten Your Bedroom

The season of spring is all about transformation. The flowers blossom, the temperature rises and we come out of winter hibernation to spend more time outdoors.


Spring is also a time where we start to consider making alterations in the home. From carrying out a Spring clean de-clutter to finally getting round to decorating in time for warmer, longer and brighter days. Here are four of the most beautiful colour trends to brighten your bedroom this spring.




orange dressing table and spring colour trends interior 



1. Brilliant & bold



The days of having completely neutral homes have long gone. This spring is all about having a brilliant and bold colour scheme. This works especially well in the bedroom because saturated, strong colours give off a spirited and cheerful feel that get us energised for the day ahead.


Think bubblegum pink, tangerine orange, teal blue and lime green. All these colours are vivid, lively and make a statement. It is important to use these shades in the right way though. They can be overpowering, especially in a bedroom, if too many are used or the concentration of colour is too high.


One way to include bold colours into your space without any overwhelm is to introduce them in pops. This can be done in a number of ways; through a feature wall, bedding, linen and accessories, and through your furniture.


Selecting painted wooden bedroom furniture in beautiful bold colours is a great way to experiment with this look. If you want to start small then wooden bedside tables are a good place to begin. Contrasting bedside tables give your room an eclectic vibe perfect for this trend. The best The English Cabinet Co. colours to achieve a bright and bold colour scheme are: spring green, tuscan yellow and passion pink.




icecream coloured pastel interior trend 2018 



2. Sweet like ice cream



Ice cream colours were big news on the the spring/summer catwalks and there is a special place for them in the home in 2018, too. Lauded as this summer’s biggest paint trend, this pastel inspired colour palette is fresh and calming, whilst still bringing pops of colour to your bedroom.


Ice cream colours are soft enough in tone to be able to work together to create a mix and match aesthetic that is really unique to you. Think cool blues, mint greens and baby pinks. These are all wildly different colours, but they come together to create a harmonious colour palette that looks and feels like a fresh spring day.


For a more sophisticated take on this trend, mix gelato greens with charcoal furniture and dark green linen and accessories. If you are decorating a room for a younger person, consider bringing the colour in using a feature wall, and accessorising with an elegant white dressing table and wicker laundry basket.


Although these might seem like juvenile colours, when used in the right way ice cream hues can make a gorgeous alternative to neutrals. They retain the calm feeling that creams and light greys have, while still bringing colour, fun and atmosphere to your sleeping space.


The best The English Cabinet Co. colours to achieve an ice cream colour scheme are: glacier, soft moss and blush pink. For more inspiration about how to bring gelato shades into your bedroom decor, follow our dedicated Pinterest board.




 sage green interior trend 2018



3. Simply sage



According to Pinterest, sage green is the new neutral for 2018. A versatile tone, this grayish-green shade brings tranquility and calmness to the home. As a colour rooted in nature, it has many wellness benefits when used in the bedroom. Naturally green has a positive effect on sleep quality and creates a general atmosphere of relaxation and peace.


To build further on the health benefits of sage green, pair it with organic materials such as wooden furniture, slate accessories and wool blankets. Continue this feel right through to the last accessory by including cactuses or houseplants for enhanced creativity and reduced stress.


Although the cool tones of sage green are great in large spaces such as the kitchen, they may need to be warmed up in the bedroom. The best way to bring heat is through texture. Adding chunky knit throws, wax candles and accents such as bedroom lamps, in a warm metal like as brass, make a sage green room instantly feel cosy.


Our luxury collection of wooden bedroom furniture is available in frosted sage, the ideal colour to experiment with this gorgeous spring trend.



 tropical paradise interior colour trend 2018



4. Tropical paradise



A popular trend last year, tropical prints, colours and patterns are still going strong in 2018. Use a neutral palette as the foundation for a tropical paradise, and build the colour using furniture, accessories and linen. The shades used in this colour trend are usually rich and lively, but they are always balanced out by a dark green to replicate the trees found in this climate.


As they are typically very saturated, using these vibrant shades for feature walls is overbearing in a bedroom space. Instead, bring the colour in through furniture, rugs and cushions. For this trend, bright blues, canary yellows and punchy pinks work best mixed with green-based tropical printed fabrics, throws and framed prints.     


To complete the look, choose furniture made from sustainable materials to really bring the tropical feel to life. The English Cabinet Co’s collection of bedroom furniture is made from wood sourced from sustainable forests and brings a classic and stylish finish to any bedroom.


The best The English Cabinet Co. colours to bring tropical shades into your bedroom decor are: faded pumpkin, passion pink and tuscan yellow. If you want to balance bright fabrics with green furniture, consider our furniture in forest floor.





The English Cabinet Co’s luxurious collection of bedroom furniture is available in thirty stunning colours. To give your bedroom a spring transformation, order a free sample pack of your favourite six specially selected shades today.



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