5 Fresh Home Interior Trends For Summer


With summer on the horizon, it is time to lay back and bask in the brighter weather outside. Inside it is time for a change too. During the warmer months you want your home to feel as clear and vivid as the sun makes you feel, and we are here to help.


Today’s post shares five fresh home interior trends that help you bring the outside in.




Soft colour palettes



1. Soft colour palettes 



Inspired by nature, soft colour palettes are the epitome of summer style thanks to their light enhancing properties. Choose neutral walls in pastel shades or powerful alternatives to white and furniture in complementary shades such as cool grey, blush pink or sage.


To make sure you keep the soft style running throughout your room, pepper textured accessories and materials such as wood, ceramics and hand crafted rugs and cushions around the space. Woven pieces are also a meaningful way to bring this trend to life. Lloyd Loom chairs, ottomans and linen baskets are made using rattan, an interlaced material that is perfect for summer.


These colours and styles balance out the heat of summer and make everything feel cool, calm and relaxed. It all works particularly well in your sleeping space and, as it would not look out of place at a stunning European boutique hotel room, you will feel like you are having a staycation in your bedroom.




Carefree coastal style



2. Carefree coastal style



Summer decor would not be complete without a little inspiration from the sea. Nautical interior style is not all about anchor prints and red, white and blue stripes though, it can be easily achieved in a much more subtle way. At its heart, this home interior trend for summer is all about being inspired by the ocean and infusing a serene vibe into the style of your home.


When it comes to the colour scheme, muted blues and greens are a great way to create a beach vibe without relying on traditional navy and dark blue. From The English Cabinet Co.’s wooden furniture colours, salcombe blue, soft moss and glacier are all ideal tones to use to achieve a carefree maritime look.


Another great way to bring subtle seaside vibes to your decor is through wall art. Selecting landscapes inspired by the sea will instantly give your room a coastal feel. Our selection of paintings by Greg Ramsden are all perfect for achieving sophisticated coastal interior design.


To finish it all off, choose relaxed home accessories made from natural materials. Think white-washed frames and mirrors, rope tiebacks and accents, and woven white rugs and pillows.




Tropical prints



3. Tropical prints



A great way to inject summer style into your home, without a complete redesign, is to add wallpaper, cushions and framed prints that all have a tropical vibe. We mentioned this energetic style in our spring colour trends post and it is not going anywhere this summer.


Best brought to a room with neutral colours, it is a bold summer trend that instantly transports you to a different place. Whereas last season’s tropical prints were all about bright colours and floral designs, we are seeing a move towards a moodier jungle vibe in 2018. The greens are deeper, the leaf prints are more realistic and the mood is a little bit darker to create an overall more luxurious aesthetic.


Perfect for city centre locations, creating an urban jungle in your home is a great way to get your body and mind feeling fresh for summer as proximity to nature is proven to add vitality and improve mental wellbeing. Couple prints with leafy plants and natural materials and you have the perfect tropical paradise.



Laid back luxury



4. Laid back luxury



One of our favourite interior trends for summer, laid back luxury is all about putting the focus on high quality furniture and letting everything else blend in. This style gives you the space to let your investment pieces truly shine, and creates a simple but striking finish in your home.


When it comes to the bedroom we suggest starting with your sleeping space. Choose a comfortable and long-lasting wooden bed made from sustainable materials and top it with a hotel quality mattress, beautiful white Egyptian cotton bedding and colourful throws and pillows for true opulence. 


Once your bed has been selected, it is time to start building everything else around it. Choose neutral furniture in muted tones and make sure that your dressing table and storage tops are clean and minimal with very few decorative items. Choosing to add a chic trinket box and closed bedside table will help you to keep everything tucked away in style.




Dark wood



5. Dark wood



Staying with the theme of luxe style, sustainable natural furniture – like The English Cabinet Co’s Old Manor Collection – has been at the height of interior trends for a few years now. This summer the story is no different, however we are seeing a shift from the bleached wood of Scandi style to darker, more seductive tones.


This aesthetic is retro in tone and creates a glamorous look in the home, especially in the the bedroom and living areas. Our wooden bedroom furniture collection is all made in Britain using sustainable materials making it the perfect choice as the foundation of this trend. Available in a variety of dark colours including charcoal, otter and basalt grey, this is the perfect antidote to the digital world we live in as colours and shades are often overly saturated in our day-to-day lives.


Pair dark wood with brass lighting and fittings, beautiful rich accessories in yellows, blues and oranges, and fresh pops of greenery for an interesting take on modern luxury.





The English Cabinet Co’s sustainable bedroom furniture collection and home accessories are perfect for injecting fresh interior trends for summer in your home.



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