A view from the bedside: refresh your bedroom for summer

A view from the bedside: refresh your bedroom for summer

We’re soon going to be enriched by warmer weather, blooming gardens and longer days as the British summertime approaches. As the season turns we often adapt our wardrobes and our eating habits, but we don’t always make positive changes to our homes.


The heat of summer can often make sleep uncomfortable so it’s important to make the bedroom as relaxing as possible during the warmer months. From opening up space to experimenting with colour, we share seven suggestions for refreshing your bedroom for summer.


The bedding 

Adding crisp new bedding is the simplest way to bring a touch of summer to your room. Swap heavy quilts and cosy blankets for lighter sheets and thinner covers to aid a better nights sleep. Changing to a light coloured duvet set and incorporating brighter tones or floral pattens through cushions and throws can also transform the atmosphere of the room.


Rustic wicker baskets and ottoman’s are both great ways to store winter bedding that add a fresh look for the changing of the seasons.


The bedside table 

No bedroom is complete without bedside tables. You probably use them to place your bedtime essentials on, house a glass of water and store your favourite books. To make the room feel more summery you can also bring the outside in by placing blossoming blooms or indoor plants on your bedside tables.


Not only are flowers proven to have a positive impact on your satisfaction levels, they instantly add a natural touch and gorgeous outside colours to the room. Dahlias, carnations, tulips and hydrangeas are particularly pretty in the summer months. If changing flowers every week isn’t for you, displaying an indoor plant will have the same effect.


The trinket box 

Trinket boxes are the ideal bedroom accessory for storing jewellery that holds special value to you. There’s many different styles of box, and you can consider purchasing a coloured one to enhance your bedroom.


Alternatively, displaying colourful, statement pieces of jewellery on top of the trinket box instantly adds a summery feel to the room. This works especially well with chunky necklaces and bracelets in intense shades.


The drawers

If you do want to add a new piece of furniture for summer, a chest of drawers is a great place to start as it’s a real statement piece. There's many different styles available so you’ll need to take into account the size and layout of your room. Some options that are particularly great for all seasons, including summer, are classic oak for a fresh and natural vibe, modern white for a more cool and contemporary feel or drawers in a vibrant colour for a lively and interesting look.


The wardrobes

Mirrored wardrobes are an excellent addition to refresh your bedroom for summer, especially if you want to maximise your space. The mirrors add to the perception of the room to make it seem larger than it is and to maximise the light from the longer days. If you already love your wardrobes, buying a large mirror for your wall is a great alternative as it will reflect the summer light to open the room up and make it feel bigger.


The window 

If possible, move your dressing table or a chair into the light. Placing your dressing table near the window will ensure you start your day fresh or moving a chair near the open breeze means you can catch the last of the days’ sun curled up with a book and a cup of tea.


If you struggle to sleep with the natural light coming in, it’s a good idea to invest in a blackout blind. This is perfect for keeping the room dark at night and there’s many different styles available in crisp fabrics that are perfect for summer. If you don’t mind the morning rays, stick with lightweight curtains and let the sound and sight of nature set you off on your day.


The walls

If you really want to create a special summer vibe in your bedroom, you could consider transforming the walls with a fresh coat of paint. Choosing a neutral colour palette allows you to have fun with soft furnishings in striking, accent colours. Alternatively, cool pastel shades will create the atmosphere of a sunny British beach.


If you’re happy with the colour of your bedroom, consider swapping the artwork on your walls for rich, summery prints instead. This is a great way to freshen up your walls without redecorating the room and it’s a good excuse to display some new pieces. Floral prints add a summer burst of colour to a neutral bedroom and green hues give a sense of calmness and tranquility.


Are you going to refresh your bedroom for summer? What other things will you be trying? If you’re looking to introduce a few new pieces of furniture this summer, The English Cabinet Company offers an exciting range in a variety of colours. You can view our full collection here.

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30 colouring options available
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Delivery when you spend over £50.00
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