An Introduction to Lloyd Loom

For quintessential British style, look no further than Lloyd Loom. From unique dining room chairs to gorgeous bedroom storage solutions, this iconic brand has been bringing sophistication and comfort to hotels, restaurants and homes since the 1930s.


Since we founded The English Cabinet Co., we have worked closely with Lloyd Loom to bring a classic collection of unique, high quality chairs and accessories to your home.







The history of Lloyd Loom and The English Cabinet Co.



Lloyd Loom has a long history of crafting quality, functional and beautiful furniture. What started as a range of wicker prams in the 20th century by Marshall Burns Lloyd, has since grown into one of the most iconic homeware brands in Europe.


The collaboration between The English Cabinet Co. and Lloyd Loom felt natural from the start as we both have traditional values seeped in British manufacturing. When we were looking for a partner to create a distinctive collection of elegant bedroom chairs and accessories, we saw so much of our own philosophy reflected back in Lloyd Loom’s products.


The English Cabinet Co. is passionate about creating functional and stylish sustainable British products. Our bedroom furniture is designed and made in our factory in Yorkshire and all our materials originate from the UK. There is no worldwide shipping which lowers our carbon footprint.


The wood we use is sourced from sustainable forests making our furniture not only beautiful to see and touch, but kind to the environment too. Lloyd Loom has a reputation as one of the most recyclable and ecologically sound furniture manufacturers on the market today The two marry together to make us a dream brand collaboration for people looking to shop more responsibly for their homes.


Today, Lloyd Loom is a highly recognisable brand that can be found at some of Britain’s most exclusive locations. This popularity has led to copycat pieces being created and sold as originals. At the English Cabinet Co. our unique pieces are made in partnership with Lloyd Loom Manufacturing, the only British makers of Lloyd Loom products.



 How Lloyd Loom furniture is made



How our collection of Lloyd Loom furniture is made



Surprisingly, the strong and durable weave used to craft our Lloyd Loom furniture is a machine-woven material made of kraft paper. This is then cut and tacked onto a bent beechwood frame by skilled craftsmen. Although it sounds simple, the result is a beautifully intricate woven design that is hard wearing, comfortable and long lasting.


Like Lloyd Loom, each step of the process for creating The English Cabinet Co. furniture requires human input to guarantee quality and precision. This hand-finished approach is a special part of our ethos and is what makes our collections stand out.


For our Lloyd Loom range the colours, designs and styles of the pieces were all designed and made specifically to complement our Old Manor Collection of wooden bedroom furniture. Our partnership is long lasting and we continually work together to bring you something that looks and feels luxurious in your home.



How to clean Lloyd Loom furniture 



How to clean Lloyd Loom furniture



As the weave used to craft Lloyd Loom furniture is delicate, it needs to be handled with care. To remove dust, use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner and lightly brush over the surface of the piece. For a deeper clean, we recommend you simply mix a small amount of washing up liquid with warm water. Using a non-abrasive sponge, delicately wipe the solution over the product and dab dry using a soft cloth. For any deeper marks, follow the same process and to rub over the affected area using a soft toothbrush.



 Original Lloyd Loom furniture available colours



How Lloyd Loom furniture can complement your home



If you want your home decor to have a classic but contemporary feel, you will love our collection of Lloyd Loom furniture. Its simple but intricate design and on-trend colours bring a timeless elegance to your home that perfectly balances with almost any colour scheme and decor style.


It also had the added benefit of texture. By combining textured materials with wooden bedroom furniture, you create a calm aesthetic that brings a natural feel to the bedroom. More specifically, woven textures bring depth and structure to rooms and can transform a more sparse space into something warm, relaxed and welcoming. Bringing one, or two, Lloyd Loom pieces into the bedroom creates a classic, yet modern, atmosphere that exudes class.



Lloyd Loom furniture collection, armchair, ottoman chest, linen basket, low stool 

Our collection



Our distinctive partnership brings you a genuine Lloyd Loom collection, in four neutral and stylish colours, that can’t be found anywhere else.


Lloyd Loom armchair - This beautifully crafted armchair looks gorgeous in any bedroom. In larger rooms position it by a window with a delicate cushion that complements the interior decor.


Lloyd Loom dressing table chair - Bringing elegant angles to your bedroom, this traditional chair is the most comfortable place to get ready to start your day. This piece pairs perfectly with our Old Manor Collection wooden dressing table.


Lloyd Loom ottoman chest - This attractive bedroom storage solution looks effortless placed at the end of the bed. It is the perfect place to keep bedding and linen fresh.


Lloyd Loom linen basket - Ideal placed both in the bedroom or the bathroom, this is a washing basket with style.


Lloyd Loom stool - If you are decorating a smaller bedroom, consider choosing this low stool over a chair to maximise your dressing table space.





You can view The English Cabinet Co’s full collection of Lloyd Loom furniture including dimensions and colours by clicking the link below.



Lloyd Loom Furniture Collection



30 colouring 
options available
30 colouring options available
Delivery when you spend over £50.00
Delivery when you spend over £50.00
Furniture assembly & white glove service
Furniture assembly & white glove service