Creating a transitional bedroom; a space that will grow with your children

Our founder Suzi Ellis was decorating her daughters bedroom when the idea for The English Cabinet Co was born. She knew that for the decor to last, she needed furniture that was special. Furniture that was durable, trend-led and could weather the journey from childhood to adulthood with her daughter. 


Suzi’s origin story is the inspiration behind today’s post, where we take a look at how you can create a versatile bedroom that stands the test of time.






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1. Planning your interior project  



The first step is to visualise how you want to furnish and decorate the space. Consider the long-term plan for the room and make sure whatever you choose will transition with your child as they become a young adult, as well as being suited to your taste so it has longevity after they move on.


Take a look around the room and get to know the space. Take measurements, make a note of where plug sockets and light switches are located and decide which items you want to keep hold of and repurpose.


Utilise visualisation tools such as Pinterest, as well as printed magazines and brochures, to create mood boards for the room. By collating all the ideas you love, you’ll soon start to see decor patterns emerge. The English Cabinet Co’s Pinterest account features lots of bedroom inspiration to help you get started with the mood board process.


Incorporate lighting, colour swatches, furniture, artwork and any other necessities for the room in your planning. Once you’ve got a clear colour scheme and aesthetic, it’s a good idea to order colour samples and paint swatches to help make your final decisions. Our furniture is available in over 30 different colours including beautiful on-trend tones perfect for teenage bedrooms. You can order a free sample pack of six colours on our website.




 Interior space ideas



2. Making the most of the space  



As well as being durable, furniture needs to be practical. It’s a good idea to consider the different spaces children and young adults need in their lives when designing the floor plan for the space. As well as somewhere to sleep, they might want to incorporate an area for study and a more relaxed space where they can hang out with their friends.


From a practical point of view, consider adding a glass protector to the dressing table, chest of drawers and bedside tables to protect against hot objects, dents, marks and scratches. Another feature worth investing in is smooth close drawers which help the furniture retain its quality over time.


Our Old Manor Collection comes with soft close drawers as standard and the option to add a glass protector which preserves the pieces against many common teenage activities such as hair straighteners, hair dryers, hot mugs and make-up.




 Interior accessories



3. Bringing a touch of sophistication with 'grown up' accessories  



 Once the furniture has been chosen, you can start to build the character of the room around it. Use a sophisticated colour pallet with pops of brighter shades to create a mature look that will last into adulthood. It’s a great idea to bring coloured or monochrome patterns in through accessories. Linens and fabrics are a great place to start and choosing feel-good textures will make them feel safe and comfortable.


Combine these bold fabric choices with a few more contemporary investment pieces like this Norman Copenhagen Form Chair. This will make the room feel more grown up while your child is still young, yet continue to be suitable to their changing taste as they become a young adult.




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4. Versatile, staple furniture  



As one of the biggest investments, it’s important to choose multipurpose, staple furniture pieces that will last long after your child has left the home. If you get that right, any other changes they request as they transition into young adulthood should be simple ones - think bed covers, throws and feature walls.


Look out for the quality and durability of the furniture you choose. To stay intact against the day-to-day rigours of teenage life, it needs to be hard-wearing and long-lasting. 


Our Old Manor Collection is designed and hand finished in Yorkshire using only the best quality, sustainably sourced materials. As no two woodgrains used to make our furniture are the same, each piece has character and individuality.




Lighting ideas 



5. Add personality with layered lighting  



Function isn’t the only thing to consider when it comes to lighting a bedroom as lights can often be a great way to influence the feel of a room. For the main ceiling light, consider something that looks great when it’s turned on, and off, and add a dimmer switch so the mood can be adjusted easily. Hanging lights are a particularly good choice for ceiling fixtures as they are on-trend for your teenager and will mature with the room as the years pass.


To bring atmosphere to the room, adopt an important interior designer trick of introducing layered mood lighting. Layering is the act of combining unusual or different colours, materials and textures to create a unique space. You can achieve the same aesthetic with light by mixing different sources to create an interesting and calming atmosphere.


Having more than one source of light in a room allows you to create combinations that suit how you feel at any given time of day. Incorporate ceiling lights with table lamps, wall fixtures, pendant lights and floor lamps to create this flexible lighting environment.






If you’re interested in creating a transitional bedroom, our dressing table is a good place to start. As the original product in the Old Manor Range, it provides a timeless design that will adapt to your room space. As all the pieces can be ordered in over 30 colours, you’re sure to find the right one to suit your chosen palette.



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30 colouring 
options available
30 colouring options available
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Delivery when you spend over £50.00
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Furniture assembly & white glove service