Furnishing your home for Autumn Winter '17

Winter is almost upon us and with it comes this year’s most sought after autumn winter interior trends. Pure, revitalising and symbolic of new beginnings, this season is all about natural materials, colours and textures and simple but striking design. Here’s all you need to know about furnishing your home for autumn winter ’17.






Brass and dark green trend for Autumn Winter 2017



Brass and dark green  



The leaves might be turning brown, but inside the home things are going green. An evolution of the popular lighter spring shades, velvety dark green is the interior decor colour this season.


Dark green complements a variety of palettes ranging from creamy neutrals and blush pinks to duskier tones of grey and black. If using a dominant green feels out of your comfort zone, you can introduce it subtly using accent shades. The English Cabinet Co.’s range of painted bedroom furniture is available in a striking forest floor, a sophisticated way to experiment with this bold trend.


To keep the rich shade feeling fresh, combine it with brass accessories. Brass is overtaking copper as the metal of choice and, combined with rich natural wood, creates a cosy atmosphere that’s the perfect fit for winter. Comfortable and reflective, use brass sparingly to achieve an exclusive look. If you’re new to using metal in your decor, lighting - like this exquisite hanging fixture - and accessories are a great place to start.




Woven textures and Lloyd Loom chairs and ottomans 



Woven textures



Reflecting the natural feel that darker shades of green bring to the home, the rest of 2017 is all about texture. It’s about weaving raw materials into furniture, fabric and accessories that look and feel like they’ve been created in nature.


Woven textures bring depth and structure to rooms, especially during the colder months, and create a modern but rustic atmosphere that exudes comfort and relaxation. In the kitchen, for example, adding woven accessories and fabrics transforms sleek, modern surfaces into warm, cosy areas.


You can introduce woven textures to your home in a number of simple but effective ways. By hanging baskets from the walls, putting plants in wicker baskets or adding statement chairs to the living room, bedroom or dining area. Our range of Lloyd Loom chairs and accessories are crafted using woven rattan, bringing a timeless elegance to any room in your home.


Balance out the sometimes rough texture of woven materials by combining them with soft linens, hand-knitted wools and smooth metals, mirrors and ceramics.




Monochrome wardrobe and table lamp in charcoal 






Monochrome is a classic, easy to achieve autumn / winter ’17 trend that suits almost any space. It’s a bold look, and one of the strongest trends coming through this season. Simplicity is key to achieving the modern monochrome aesthetic, think understated colours and patterns, white walls, classic tiles and framed mirrors. Pared back, monochrome decor is the ultimate in understated sophistication.


Create balance with monochrome by combining the decor with white surroundings and introducing luxe materials such as brass. This adds a simple elegance and transforms this strong decor style into something much more understated and chic. To balance the trend even further, warm monochrome palettes with wood and cosy textures to create the perfect wintery atmosphere.




Blanket and textures made from natural materials 



Natural materials



Both designers and consumers are becoming more conscious of the impact that buying choices have on the environment. As a result, the interiors industry is making a concentrated move towards trends that help us reconnect with nature.


Perfect hi-gloss finishes are being replaced by rougher textures and furniture with character. Think exposed brickwork, metals and raw, natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, marble, clay and wood.


In an increasingly digital world, the role of the home is changing. As it gradually becomes our haven away from constant connectivity, comfort and stability are replacing trendy and modern. The home is becoming the only space where we can slow down, disconnect and recharge and interior design trends are adjusting to reflect it.


As this desire for softer and more comforting interior decor strengthens, so does the passion for better quality furniture. Wood is the perfect natural material to start with as it is durable and has longevity in the home. The English Cabinet Co’s Old Manor Collection of furniture is crafted from natural, sustainably sourced wood. As no two grains are the same each piece has character and individuality.



Lagom magazine and Normann Copenhagen chairs 






The latest Scandinavian trend to hit the UK is lagom. The Swedish word for “just the right amount”, this concept has become one of this year’s biggest trends to watch. The lagom approach is focused on moderation and creating the perfect balance in life. Although not exclusive to interiors, it has worked its way into design in 2017 by way of adopting a simpler, more curated style and even its own magazine Lagom.


The key to achieving the lagom aesthetic is to consider the purpose of the room and create shapes that reflect the way you use it. As lagom is all about removing complication, it naturally allows the beauty of craftsmanship to shine through. With this in mind it’s integral that furniture is understated but thoughtfully made using sustainable, natural materials. Our elegant and stylish Old Manor Collection is hand finished using wood that is both beautiful to touch and sustainably sourced in line with The English Cabinet Co values.



 Colour blocked samples available from The English Cabinet Co.



Colour blocking



Originating on the catwalk, the colour blocking trend has gradually made its way into our living spaces. Colour blocking is all about combining bright, contrasting colours to create a lively look that makes a true statement in the home.


This is the perfect trend if you love bright colours and don’t want to be constricted to choosing just one. Combine several contrasting shades in mid-century tones such as coral, teal and mustard to create maximum impact.


When adopting the colour blocking trend it’s often advised to keep other areas neutral so the room doesn’t feel too busy. For example, if you opt to colour block using bedroom furniture, light fittings and a feature wall; keep the floor, other walls and bedding clean and calm to create a lovely sense of balance.


The English Cabinet Co’s exquisite range of bedroom furniture is available in 30 different shades including several bright colours that are ideal if you want to experiment with the colour blocking trend.



30 colouring 
options available
30 colouring options available
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Delivery when you spend over £50.00
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Furniture assembly & white glove service