How to bring hotel quality to your bedroom

The feel of luxurious fabric, of rich thick-pile carpets and the sense of serenity and peacefulness that comes upon you. These are all things we feel when we check in to a luxury hotel. But what if you could create the same atmosphere at home? We show you how you can bring leading hotel quality to your British bedroom.





 Quality mattress with bedroom furniture



Melt into your mattress



Hotel owners invest a lot of time and money into giving guests a better night’s sleep than they can get anywhere else. Taking centre stage in their quest to provide the best sleeping experience is the bed itself. More specifically, the mattress. In fact, one of the things almost all deluxe hotel rooms have in common is that they come with the finest mattresses you could ever sleep on.


Therefore, to create the ultimate luxurious hotel vibe at home, choosing the perfect mattress should be your first priority. Hotels often conduct extensive research into what materials promote the best possible sleep and create custom-made mattresses to fit.


Here at The English Cabinet Co our collection of mattresses are all hotel-grade quality. Available in soft firm, medium firm and very firm, we have a range of styles available depending on the level of support you need and the position you like to sleep in.


Our Imperial range contains 1,400 count pocket springs and supportive memory foam for superb comfort and support. Our Rotherbury range is designed from a specially engineered combination of foam and latex to deliver relaxation and durability. Finally, our Emerald range is made from the finest materials which are hand-teased and gently layered for the most divine, hotel-like sleeping experience.




 White cotton bedding




All-white, high quality bedding with minimal colour



Sinking into crisp, clean sheets is one of the truest joys of staying in a hotel. To bring this luxe feel into the home, select white bedsheets over brighter colours. Although understated in look, white denotes peaceful sleep, comfort and, above all, luxury.


If you don’t want to stick to all white, make sure the sheets are crisp and bring colour in through cushions, pillows and a throw positioned across the bottom of the bed. 


When it comes to the quality, that lovely soft feeling that hits when you slide into a hotel bed is usually thanks to the linen used. Luxury hotel linen is usually made from 300-thread-count, 100% cotton. For the truest hotel feel, we recommend opting for Egyptian cotton which provides opulent softness and breathability and swapping fitted sheets for flat ones.




Layered bedding interior with Lloyd Loom ottoman storage



Add more comfort with layers and storage



Introducing layering is another key element to bring a luxury hotel room feel to your bedroom. Not only should the linen you use be fresh and crisp, but it should also be layered.


Layer your bedding from the bottom up, starting with a super-soft bed skirt and working up towards plenty of plush decorative pillows in lavish fabrics and textures. If you need somewhere to store them at night, our Lloyd Loom Ottoman chest brings a classic look to any bedroom.




  The Old Manor Collection in neutral colours



Neutral colours and natural textures



To achieve the hotel aesthetic, swap loud patterns for understated colours and natural textures like wood in your decor.


Hotel rooms are fairly neutral in design in order to appeal to ‘everybody’ and create a relaxing and calm environment. So brash, bright designs are out and clean, cool neutrals are in. To make you bedroom feel even more stylish, consider including dark coloured, high quality wooden furniture to balance out the neutral palette. Brighter colours can be used, but limit them to pops of contrast in either fabrics, curtains or one-off furniture pieces.


The English Cabinet Co’s beautifully crafted collection of bedroom furniture is available in a variety of colours including otter, basalt grey and admiral; darker shades which exude hotel luxe. It is also crafted using the finest British and sustainably sourced materials to bring a sense of durability and elegance to your sleeping environment.








Art matters



No luxury hotel room is complete without interesting artwork adorning the walls. Adding contemporary or classic art to your bedroom will help to bring that luxurious feel to your home.


Hotel owners are finding that hanging local art in their rooms showcases their special location and improves the guest experience and overall appreciation for the area in which they are staying.


Replicate this at home by investing in some fantastic British artwork for your sleeping space. At The English Cabinet Co we provide a beautiful selection of art curated by exciting British artists. From Greg Ramsden’s classic Lifting Light to Manon Steyaert’s abstract expressionism pieces, our variety of styles will suit any home.





Neat interior hotel bedroom layout



Everything has its purpose



Hotels are never cramped and everything has a place. When a room is well designed, each item is arranged in order to make the room feel balanced, serene and relaxed.


To mask your everyday bedroom essentials, add chests and linen baskets to hide clutter and clothes, use shelves to display collections rather than store items and your bedside tables to hold pretty vases and mood-setting bedside lamps.


Hotel rooms rely on symmetry so stick to the principle of matching lamps and bedside tables and pair your artwork with your furniture style to create an environment that says ‘this place is where I come to relax’.






If you’re interested in bringing hotel quality to your British bedroom, our luxury collection of mattresses is a great place to start. Available in three different styles to suit any bed size and firmness, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you.



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30 colouring 
options available
30 colouring options available
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Delivery when you spend over £50.00
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