How to Bring Scandinavian Style to Your British Bedroom


Over the last few years we have seen Scandinavian style pop up in homes across Europe. With an ethos all about being humble, cosy and comfortable, trends like hygge and lagom bring a relaxed vibe to interiors.


From choosing natural furniture to creating the perfect lighting, here’s how to bring Scandinavian style to your British bedroom.




Wood furniture sourced from sustainable forests



1. Choose natural, functional materials



Scandi living is all about form and function. Traditionally centred around simplifying life and promoting wellbeing, surrounding your sleeping space with natural materials is a great way to promote good health.


With this in mind, selecting furniture and other elements made of wood is a common way to achieve Scandinavian style. The English Cabinet Co’s collection of luxury bedroom furniture is perfect for this, as it is crafted using wood sourced from sustainable forests.


Wood furniture also adds warmth and balances out the muted colour schemes favoured by Danish culture. You will struggle to find a Scandi-inspired space that doesn’t include wood in some way or another.




Scandinavian inspired lighting



2. Get the lighting right



As Scandinavian countries typically only see a small window of daylight, the way lighting is manipulated is integral to their way of life. Scandi design is all about enjoying life in the moment, so layered lighting can make a genuine difference to how you feel in your bedroom surroundings.


Don’t just think about your ceiling fixture though, consider all the lighting in your room. From bedside lamps and wall lights, to stand up lamps and even decorative fairy lights. By combining unusual colours, materials and textures you can create an atmosphere that can be changed to suit your emotions at any particular time of day. To achieve the complete modern Scandinavian aesthetic, choose a light with metal detailing.




Normann Copenhagen chairs



3. Introduce Scandinavian designers



The best way to bring Scandi style to your British bedroom is to go straight to the source. Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company that creates innovative, yet minimalistic, products that look beautiful in the home.


The English Cabinet Co. has partnered with Normann Copenhagen to curate a collection of seating that brings a contemporary and stylish feel to our iconic British brand. Whether you are looking for a new dressing table chair or a statement piece for your bedroom corner, the Nomann Copenhagen Form Chair perfectly illustrates the fusion between everyday life and unique design that Scandinavian style strives to achieve.



Neutral shades of colour



4. Keep it neutral



As Scandi design is all about keeping it simple, it should come as no surprise that this translates to colour schemes as well. White, grey, brown and beige are the colours of choice, as they create a clean, cosy aesthetic that has a calming influence on everyone in the room.


Traditionally, Scandi walls are white, to allow the natural furniture to breathe and shine. This has been adapted over the years however, with lighter pops of colour such as dusty pink and sage green, occasionally being introduced.  


To create this look, our wooden bedroom furniture is available in a range of gorgeous neutral shades such as oyster, fossil and thistle. Or, if you would prefer to add a slight hint of colour, consider our soft moss, frosted sage or blush pink shades. If you are not sure where to start, order a free six-colour sample pack to help you make your choice.




Stylish and classic furniture



5. Clean shapes and lines



Like everything in Scandi style, clean lines and shapes are important. Simplicity is essential so make sure that the furniture you choose is stylish and classic. Again, using organic materials, such as wood, lends itself to this interior decor trend as the shapes and lines are naturally uncomplicated.


It is also important that your bedroom has plenty of negative space. Making sure it is easy to navigate and move around is essential. If you have a smaller bedroom choose furniture based on necessity and make the most of white decor and natural light to create the illusion that there’s lots of room to breathe.


Geometric shapes also work well in Scandi style. Whether it is through fixings such as shelves and light shades or accessories such as wall art and book ends. Don’t go too overboard though, as we said before, clean lines are really important to Scandinavian style so anything too confusing will ruin the aesthetic.




Greenery and candles



6. Surround yourself with greenery and candles



The importance of nature doesn’t end with the furniture, it also extends to your bedroom accessories. Make sure trinkets are replaced with leafy plants, whimsical wildflowers and cosy candles to really finish off your Scandi bedroom. Not only do they bring colour to otherwise muted areas, they also promote wellbeing and health, especially in darker and colder months.



Cosy, natural materials



7. Cosy up with interesting fabrics



As neutral is the colour scheme of choice, combining textures is what creates the interest. Pair geometric patterns and designs with rich weaves to add personality and character to your Scandi space.


As is key for this trend, select natural materials over synthetic ones. Wool, cotton, hessian and sheepskin fur will all work well here, and combining two or more together will create a captivating area that draws the eye.




Wardrobe storage



8. A less is more approach



It is easy to think that the cosy and comfortable aesthetic lends itself to having lots of stuff, but the ‘less is more’ approach is actually very important to this way of life. As function is one of the primary aims, everything in your bedroom needs to have a reason for being. This naturally eliminates unnecessary disorder and means that storage such as a wooden wardrobe and chest of drawers are integral to the look and feel of a room.


Make sure smaller items – except from books, candles and greenery – are stored away, including make up and jewellery which can be handily stored in a stylish trinket box.





Our collection of wooden bedroom furniture is a great place to start with Scandinavian style. Available in over thirty carefully selected colours, every piece is made in Britain using the highest quality natural materials.



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30 colouring options available
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Delivery when you spend over £50.00
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