How to Make This Your Most Sustainable Christmas Yet


As a sustainable furniture brand, The English Cabinet Co. is always looking to help our customers live more consciously. With the festive season almost here, Britain is due to create more waste than ever. An article shared by House Beautiful states that every year 6 million Christmas trees are discarded and 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away. Today, we are sharing six ways you can make this your most sustainable Christmas yet.


 wooden dog bed next to a christmas tree



The Christmas Tree


The best thing you can do to make sure your Christmas tree is sustainable is to buy a real one. You might think investing in an artificial tree is better for the environment since you reuse it every year.


The truth, however, is that most fake trees are made of non-renewable plastics and take five times more energy to produce. As they are not recyclable most artificial trees end up in landfill sites a few years after they are bought.

According to the Forestry Commission, natural trees use 10 times fewer materials and three-quarters of the trees sold in the UK this Christmas will have been grown here, reducing the damage caused by shipping products long distances overseas. To make sure your natural tree truly is sustainable, look for the mark of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA).



 natural christmas decorations



The Decorations


Making your home feel cosy and festive is one of the true joys of Christmas, and there are plenty of small changes we can all make to include decorations that are more sustainable this Christmas.


As a start, avoid tinsel and plastic-based decorations, instead favouring ornaments made using natural materials such as wood and festive plants like holly, pine cones and mistletoe. Not only are these better for the environment, but they also create a gorgeous classic Christmas feel in your home.




local butchers with organic meat



The Christmas Dinner


Aim to buy your food from local markets, butchers, farm shops and greengrocers. Big supermarkets force farmers to keep costs low, often impacting on the quality of life for the animals.


If you choose to do your Christmas food shop in a supermarket, make sure you pick up organic meat and vegetables which is fully traceable from the farm to your plate and must meet strict welfare rules to be sold in the UK.

It is also more sustainable to eat seasonal vegetables with your Christmas dinner. In December, cabbage, broccoli, sprouts, fennel and spinach are all at their best, tasting delicious and supporting local farmers too.


We encourage you to plan your dinner carefully to reduce waste and use any leftovers for meals that can be frozen or used for soups and stews in the period between Christmas and New Year.




 a person gift wrapping presents



Under the Tree


An easy way to make this a more sustainable Christmas is to shop responsibly for gifts, choosing eco-friendly brands and cruelty-free beauty products where possible. Buying British is also a great way to do something good for our planet this year, as products made in the UK reduce our carbon footprint as products do not need to be shipped across the globe.


We have a fantastic range of affordable, sustainable Christmas gifts available on our website. From our stunning classic trinket box to our beautiful collection of luxury wooden dog beds.


When it comes to wrapping, there are some very easy ways to make a difference too. Unfortunately, the majority of Christmas wrapping paper is not recyclable especially if it is covered in glitter which is not biodegradable. As a rule of thumb, the shinier the paper, the more likely it is to contain non-recyclable plastic.


The best way to make your Christmas wrapping paper sustainable is to use brown packing paper and tying it all together with a plain fabric ribbon that can be re-used year after year.


Although you might give sustainable gifts, there is no promise that your loved ones will. Take some time to look at what can and can’t be recycled in your area so that you know exactly how to separate your festive waste.



 sustainable candles on a wooden table



Getting cosy


The colder weather is the perfect excuse to snuggle down on the sofa or get an early night of rest. If relaxing by candle light is your thing, make sure you favour beeswax or soy-based candles. These are both 100% natural and contain no harmful additives unlike paraffin wax which is produced using the by-products of refining crude oil, a process that is bad for the environment.


If early nights are what you are after, and you want to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, select natural tones, shades and materials that are sustainably made. Combined, these create a peaceful and still environment conducive to a good night’s sleep. Wood furniture is a great place to start. Our collection of bedroom furniture features quality oak tops that can be mixed with the unit colour of your choice to ensure you create a tranquil environment that stands the test of time. 



 a collection of sustainable wooden furniture



In your home


Christmas is a good time to reflect on what you want to achieve during the year ahead. Making a dedication to start (or continue) buying British, environmentally friendly products is a great resolution to make.


Here at The English Cabinet Co. we are passionate about the quality and environmental impact of our beautiful collection of wooden furniture. All our pieces are made from sustainably sourced materials and are manufactured, and hand finished in our factory in Yorkshire. Each item is delivered directly to you using custom-made duvets, which reduces the need for packaging and is kinder to the environment. If you are new to us, we suggest starting with our flagship piece, our Old Manor Collection stylish dressing table, available in 30 stunning colours.




Everyone at The English Cabinet Co. wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. If you are interested in shopping more sustainably in 2019, start by browsing our Old Manor Collection of wooden bedroom furniture today.



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