How to Mix Old and New Decor in Your Home


The English Cabinet Co’s Old Manor Collection has been designed to look classic, beautiful and timeless in your home. That doesn’t mean, however, that it can’t be used to create a contemporary look.


From choosing the best colour palette to positioning each item in the right place, we discuss how to mix old and new decor to craft an aesthetic that feels both nostalgic and fresh in your bedroom.



 new and old interior styles for interior design



Why should you combine old and new decor?



The truth is, blending traditional and modern pieces creates a tailored look that is completely unique to you and your personality. This makes your room feel more relaxed which is especially important if you want to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.


Choosing decor styles that are too well-matched can end up looking monotonous and uninteresting. Having more than one style in a room, or even across your entire home, creates interest and is a true reflection of the personalities and stories of you; the family that lives there. It is also a great way of adding layers and texture to your room to make the space dynamic and adaptable as your taste in decor changes over time. 



 neutral colour pallet inspiration



1 | Start with a neutral palette



The foundation of your mix-and-match bedroom should be the colour. Selecting a neutral palette will give you a blank canvas to blend different styles on top of. If you combine classic furniture and contemporary patterns with brightly coloured walls, fabrics and floors, the overall aesthetic will be busy and overwhelming.


You want it to feel opulent rather than disordered, and neutral colours will help you achieve this balance. This should extend from the colour you paint your walls, right through to anything in your bedroom that takes up a large amount of space, such as big pieces of furniture.


Consider selecting storage solutions like a classic wooden wardrobe and large chest of drawers in interesting alternatives to white like The English Cabinet Co.’s stone white, dove grey and dairy. To take a deeper look at our specially selected colours you can order a wooden furniture colour sample pack of six, completely free of charge.



 Balancing interior styles imagery; modern and old eras



2 | Choose the balance wisely



When you are considering the look and feel of the room, choose the style you would like to dominate the space first, and build everything else around it. To get the old and new look just right, you need to weigh the decor in favour of one. This will make sure it looks interesting, but still feels calm and cohesive


For example, if you were to choose a traditional style dressing table, you wouldn’t want to top it with an overly modern mirror. There needs to be a fine balance between the two. In this example, the dressing table would look better topped with a mirror of simple design. You might choose, instead, to bring a more contemporary feel to the room through the light fittings or fabrics you use.



lloyd loom furniture fitting with old and new interior styles 



3 | Pick pieces that fit both eras



To keep everything in proportion, it is a good idea to pick some pieces for the room that encapsulate both old and new decor styles. Take our Lloyd Loom ottoman chest as an example. Thanks to its heritage, a Lloyd Loom piece encapsulates quintessential British style, but it can easily be modernised using colour. The English Cabinet Co.’s Lloyd Loom collection has been crafted in four on-trend hues for exactly that reason. The shades elevate the piece to make sure it can complement almost any interior decor scheme.


This also works in other areas of the bedroom such as lighting. Combining a modern pendant light with more traditional brass bedside lamps will provide the perfect mix of old and new in your bedroom.



 neutral interior design with pops of colour



4 | Introduce colour and styles in clever ways



Although we suggest using a neutral colour palette in your room, we appreciate that you probably want to introduce colour in some way. When mixing old and new decor styles, colour can be used to create the harmony between the two.


For example, if the majority of your furniture is modern, but you want to include a classic set of bedside tables, consider buying every piece in exactly the same colour. This helps to tie the decor together nicely and makes it all feel like it comes from a family.


This can also be said for the style of furniture. For example, if it is made from solid wood, choose a chair that has a strong back, rather than a wiry metal frame. If you are going for built in, sleek modern wardrobes, a big overstuffed chair might look a little odd. Here it is worth taking note of the shapes of the pieces you choose. When it comes to mixing old and new, harsh straight lines don’t necessarily work well next to curved chairs and rounded light fittings.



 interior accessories for new and old styles



5 | Add simple accessories



As there will be a lot going on in your room, make sure you keep your accessories simple so as to not overcomplicate the decor. Instead of having all your jewellery and knick knacks on show, consider storing them away in a stylish trinket box, and rather than have books stacked at the side of your bed, opt for a closed bedside table so you have somewhere to keep them.


The accessories you choose are often the items that bring everything together, so make sure they are simple and transitional between the two styles.





The English Cabinet Co. Old Manor Collection of sustainable bedroom furniture mixes seamlessly with many different interior styles, including a more contemporary aesthetic.



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