How to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary

Do you ever wake up after a long night’s sleep feeling unrested? You could be inclined to think your technology or health habits are at fault. What you might not have considered is the design and decor of your bedroom.


 The truth is, the ambience of the room you sleep in is extremely important. Unconsciously, its mood affects your mood and it could be the difference between a solid and broken night of rest. This week on the blog we’re delving deeper into the topic to find out what changes you can make to decorate your bedroom for a better sleep.






Colour pallet



Embrace darker tones



When it comes to creating the perfect place to rest, the colours chosen in the room are significant. In general, lighter shades make us feel more awake, while darker tones induce a more restful sleep.


There’s many ways you can bring darker tones into your bedroom without it being oppressive, starting with the paint and paper. The colour palette above is the perfect mix of shades for a better nights sleep. By using a lighter colour for the majority of the wall space, you keep the overall vibe neutral. Combining this with one or two darker shades on feature areas, ensures the mood stays cool, calm and relaxed.


If using darker paint shades isn’t for you, consider introducing the calming influence through your furniture. At The English Cabinet Co our furniture is available in over 30 different colours including beautiful darker tones for sleep-inducing design. Rich tones like charcoal, basalt grey and fresh aubergine will help you balance out lighter decor.


If darker walls are your thing, you can achieve the same balance by adding lighter coloured furniture such as stone white, porcelain and old lace into a darker decorated bedroom.




Wooden furniture



It’s all natural



Bringing the outside in is a design trend that works perfectly in the bedroom. Natural tones, shades and materials create a peaceful, still environment that is conducive to a good night’s sleep. It’s also easy to make simple, subtle changes that create the desired natural effect. Using wood furniture is a great place to start as not only does it create a tranquil feel in the bedroom, but it’s also a quality investment that will stand the test of time.


The English Cabinet Co’s range of bedroom furniture features quality oak tops, each with a unique wood grain. Being able to mix oak tops with the unit colour of your choice ensures you can combine the aesthetic of your decor with natural materials to create the perfect setting for unwinding at the end of the day.




Lloyd Loom Bedding



Fresh fabrics



One of the most overlooked elements of getting a better night’s sleep is the quality and colour of your bed linen. Choosing duvets with a thread count between 300-400 sends you into a more comfortable slumber and introducing lighter fabrics such as bamboo sheets and Egyptian cotton keeps you cool all night long.


When it comes to colour, we suggest going neutral and adding vibrancy through cosy throws and cushions. There’s nothing better than slipping into crisp, soft, white bed linen when you need to some good quality rest. It’s also a good idea to change to clean bedding once a week and wash it with a soothing fragrance as the odour and cleanliness helps you to relax into bed.


This stunning Lloyd Loom linen basket available on our website is the perfect place to store bed linen so it stays lovely and fresh.






The perfect spot



Where you fall asleep is important so you can’t drift away peacefully without a good quality mattress. Have you ever wondered how hotel beds are so comfy? Here at The English Cabinet Co we offer you the same quality and durability with our range of mattresses, available in three levels of firmness; soft firm, medium firm and very firm. The style you choose will depend on a number of factors from the level of support you need to the position you like to sleep in so it’s more important to focus on the quality.


We offer three different style of mattress. Our imperial range contains 1,400 count pocket springs and supportive memory foam for superb comfort and support. Our Rotherbury range is designed from a specially engineered combination of foam and latex to deliver relaxation and durability. Finally, our emerald range is made from the finest materials which are hand-teased and gently layered for the most divine sleeping experience.


When it comes to the bed frame, choose something with solid wooden legs and rails for the most comfortable night’s sleep. The beds in our Old Manor range are available in a variety of sizes and are manufactured from high quality sustainably sourced materials. Our beds are also available in a 30 different colours to compliment your new, relaxing atmosphere.



Bedside table



Relax and unwind



It’s been proven that the glow from technology impacts our quality of sleep so it’s a good idea to consider mixing up your before-bed routine if you want to doze off peacefully.


Carefully placing your nighttime essentials close to you on a bedside table will make it easier to stick to the routine. Our closed bedside cabinet features added storage, the perfect place to keep your favourite books, reading glasses and skincare.


Following a nightly wind-down reading ritual can also help you enjoy better quality sleep during the night. If you need some suggestions for great books to read, why not start with these from some fantastic modern English novelists; The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman or White Teeth by Zadie Smith.


When it comes to the top of your bedside cabinets, go wooden to keep that all-natural feel for sleep. All our bedside tables come with the option of oak tops available in 30 colours which are ideal for creating natural surroundings. If you want to add even more of the outside world, consider adding some greenery as plants are known to have fantastic health benefits that increase the quality of sleep.



30 colouring 
options available
30 colouring options available
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Delivery when you spend over £50.00
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