Luxury Wooden Dog Bed Guide

As a family who adores your dog, you probably agree that they deserve the best. To invest in a high quality, luxurious wooden dog bed is to invest in your dog’s health, wellness and overall happiness.


As devoted pet owners, we understand the desire to pamper your pooch here at The English Cabinet Co. So we have created a luxury wooden dog bed collection to envelope your dog in quality and help it sleep in style. To mark the launch of our luxury wooden dog bed collection, we have put together a wooden dog bed guide to help you choose the most beautiful, safe and comfortable place of rest for your four legged friend.





 The English Cabinet Co luxury wooden dog bed



Evaluate your dog's desires and needs



The first thing to consider is your dog’s desires and needs. As every pet is unique, you will need to find a bed that complements her or his own personality, physical attributes and quirks. Some things to consider are your dogs:


Age - Is your dog only a puppy? You will need to make sure the bed is big enough to adapt it as it grows into adulthood.
Health - If your dog has stiff joints or arthritis, a firm and dense bed will make sure it has the support it needs. While something lower to the ground will make sure your dog avoids the repeated strain caused if it gets a little overexcited.
Behaviour - If your dog is a bit of a chewer or scratcher you will need to invest in a bed made from robust wood to protect it from long-term damage.
Fur - Some dogs shed more hair than others. If yours is one of them, bed with a separate or detachable dog bed cushion will make for easier cleaning.




How to measure your dog bed diagram



Choose the perfect size bed for your dog



Once you have decided on the basic features for your luxury wooden dog bed, the next thing consider is choosing the perfect size. To get the fit just right, measure your dog when it is in its normal sleeping position - from the top of its shoulders to the bottom of its paws and from its chest bone right down to the end of its tail. Then add six inches to both measurements.


Dogs are alway moving about in their sleep and need to be supported regardless of whether they are stretched out and relaxed or snuggled up in a curled position. Measuring in this way should give your dog lots of room to unwind while it is sleeping and make sure you don’t fall into the trap of choosing a bed that’s a little too small to be cosy.

Although many people opt for curved dog beds, they are actually quite constricting for your dog when he or she wants to stretch their legs. The English Cabinet Co’s collection of luxury wooden dog beds are rectangular in shape to create the most snug and serene atmosphere that repays your love with the best. Our wooden dog beds are available in the following sizes with small, medium and large luxury dog bed cushions as an optional extra for each:


Small size luxury wooden dog bed: Outer dimensions (mm): H315 x W650 x D450
Ideal for: Dachshunds, Jack Russells Inner dimensions (mm): H266 x W560 x D360
Medium size luxury wooden dog bed: Outer dimensions (mm): H315 x W850 x D600
Ideal for: Beagles, Springer Spaniels Inner dimensions (mm): H266 x W760 x D510
Large size luxury wooden dog bed: Outer dimensions (mm): H315 x W1050 x D750
Ideal for: Labradors, German Shepherds Inner dimensions (mm): H266 x W960 x D660




 Luxury wooden dog bed materials



Sourcing the best material for your luxury dog bed



There are lots of dog beds on the market offering a diverse range of materials and benefits for your pooches. We have crafted our dog beds in the same way we do our collection of luxury bedroom furniture, with care using natural solid ash and oak materials and hand finished by our highly skilled team in our factory in Yorkshire.


The wood we use is sourced sustainably, ensuring each piece is kind to both the environment and your pet. As our luxury wooden dog beds can be customised in thirty different colours, we ensure the paint used is water based and non-toxic to our furry friends, just in case your dog decides to chew a little.


The solid oak front piece is also finished using a hard-wearing lacquer to help minimise any damage caused by knocks or bumps when your dog gets a little bit hyper. As dog owners ourselves, we understand how important your pet is to you. With our luxury wooden dog beds we strived to create a product that gives your companion the most relaxing and quality sleeping experience on the market.




 Luxury wooden dog bed cushion



Find the most comfortable cushion for your dog



Just like in your bedroom, the key to a peaceful night of rest for your dog is in the quality of the mattress. The cushion itself needs to be soft yet firm enough to provide the right support for your dog's spine over a number of years. Investing in a high quality cushion that retains its shape and spring is the best decision for your pet, as both thin and flimsy and overstuffed cushions have a negative impact over time.


For the outer cover, it needs to be comfortable and soft against your dog's coat while remaining durable against the everyday mishaps that can happen when you own a pet. The English Cabinet Co’s optional dog bed cushion comes with a zipped, tightly wound outer cover to increase durability, protect it against paws and resist entwining pet hair.


Our collection of luxury dog bed cushions also come with a waterproof inner cover to give an added layer of protection against any unfortunate accidents.




 Luxury wooden dog bed grooming stickler brush



Keep your luxury wooden dog bed fresh



Once you’ve chosen the perfect bed for your pooch, you will want to make sure it remains in a beautiful condition for your dog over time. Luckily, there’s a few things you can do to keep your dog bed looking fresh and new.


Eliminate odors

As dogs spend large amounts of time outside and often get wet, selecting a dog bed cover that is machine washable is a great way to eliminate unsavoury odors. Both the inner and outer The English Cabinet Co dog bed cushion covers are machine washable to keep your home feeling clean and odor free. Other things you can do ensure your house smells as lovely as possible are:


  • Purchase a Slicker brush (suitable for all coat types) and groom your dog weekly.
  • Keep a dedicated soft absorbent towel by the door to wipe your dog’s paws before it enters the house and stop the dirt from ingraining into the cushion cover.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet before you vacuum to keep the room smelling better for longer.
  • Spray vinegar in the air, it sounds a bit ridiculous but this is a proven way to get rid of dog odors in the home.
  • Consider investing in a ‘chef's candle’ to neutralise odors in the home.


Clean your dog bed regularly


As well as investing in machine washable dog bed covers, cleaning your outer dog bed regularly will help to make sure things stay fresh. Before you wash the outer and inner cushion covers, dry brush the outside to remove as much fur and hair as you can and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove any that remains. Pet hair sticks to wet fabric so removing this first will help you achieve a cleaner bed. This is also a good time to remove any urine, mud and saliva stains as these can retain their smell even after washing.


Once the covers are in the wash, wipe the bed down with a soft, clean and damp cloth using soapy water. This is the kindest way to clean the bed as harsh chemicals and abrasive cloths can cause damage to the paintwork and lacquer.




 Luxury wooden dog bed touch up paint provided



Aftercare & finding your perfect colour


As a dog owner you will know that anything can happen with pets, including damage to your dog’s bed. If you do have a few little accidents, investing in a high quality dog bed in painted wood means they can be easily fixed if the paintwork is marked. As each of The English Cabinet Co’s wooden dog beds are customisable in our signature 30 colours at no additional cost, we provide you with a pot of touch up paint in your chosen colour completely free of charge. We really do think of everything. To find the perfect colour for your home we recommend you order a free six colour sample pack before purchasing.






If you want to give your dog the most comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep, our luxury wooden dog beds and cushions are ideal for you. Available in small, medium and large sizes to suit dogs of all sizes, you are sure to find the perfect fit. Shop below



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30 colouring 
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30 colouring options available
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Delivery when you spend over £50.00
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