Mattress Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Mattress

It is no secret that good quality sleep is beneficial for your mind, body and soul. If you struggle with broken sleep and regularly feel unrested and tired, it could be because it is being disrupted by an uncomfortable and unsuitable mattress.


The truth is, where you fall asleep is important. From the way a mattress supports your body to how you feel when you wake up in the morning, we talk you through everything you need to know to sink into a blissful night of rest.




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Why is a good quality mattress important?



The main advantage of a full night’s sleep is to your health. Like good diet and plenty of exercise, getting at least six hours rest a night is a key part of living a healthy lifestyle. During our sleeping hours our memory improves, our blood pressure lowers, our stress levels come down and our anxiety decreases.


In fact, according to The Sleep Council: “Sleeping too much or too little can be a contributing factor towards getting diabetes. Studies from the University of Laval in Quebec show that people who had less than seven hours sleep, or more than eight, had two and a half times the risk of type 2 diabetes or glucose intolerance.”


Sleep is vital to both your physical health and mental well-being. As your mattress is the foundation from which sleep is built on, it is important that the one you choose is good quality, comfortable and supportive for your body type and health concerns.




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When should you replace your mattress?



The first thing to consider is your current sleeping spot. From waking up feeling stiff and tired to general mattress disrepair, there are many reasons that tell you it is time to invest in your sleep. Mattresses typically last between five and ten years, with really good quality ones having a longer lifespan.


It is better to listen to your body, though. If you wake up sore and stiff then it is easy to assume that your mattress could be affecting your health, wellness and daily comfort levels. If you sleep better when spending the night in a hotel, for example, it is probably that your mattress is no longer giving you the support you need to have a restful night of sleep.



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What mattress size is best for you?



When choosing the perfect mattress size for your bedroom, there are a few different considerations to keep in mind. How it looks in the room, how many people are sharing the bed, their ages and health concerns all come together to influence the right choice for you. The English Cabinet Co’s collection of quality mattresses are available in three sizes, here are the advantages of each.


Single Size Mattress


A single mattresses is perfect for smaller spaces such as student accommodation, guest bedrooms and rooms shared by siblings. It is also a great long-lasting option for young people as it supports the transition from child to teenager without the need for more than one investment. If you sleep alone, a single size mattress also allows you to increase the quality of mattress for your budget.


Single mattress dimensions: 92 cm x 187 cm


Double Size Mattress


The most popular choice for couples, a double mattress is a great size for two people sharing one sleeping space, especially if your bedroom is a smaller area. There is enough room for two to sleep comfortably on a double mattress and it is a perfect size for guest bedrooms and single people who like to stretch out.


Double mattress dimensions: 135 cm x 190 cm


King Size Mattress


Ideal for those who want to lie in luxury, a king size mattress provides ample space and comfort for couples and singles alike. Best positioned in the master bedroom, king size beds are perfect for people who move around a lot in their sleep and easily wake their partner up with their motions.


King size mattress dimensions: 150 cm x 200 cm



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What type of mattress is best for comfort?



There is a huge variety of mattresses on the market that all cater to different needs. From those that can be adapted to accommodate certain health issues to those crafted for pure, unadulterated comfort. We discuss the three best types of mattress to help you surround yourself in luxury.


Memory Foam Mattresses


A memory foam mattress, like The English Cabinet Co’s Imperial range, is ideal if you are looking for both comfort and support. The name comes from the layer of memory foam that sits at the top of the mattress which has the ability to form around the shape of your body.


This moulding affect means that memory foam mattresses offer great support and relief for aching joints and bones. This makes them a great choice if you have health concerns and need more support in bed. They are also typically warmer to sleep in so are great if you tend to get cold on a night or just like a warm and cosy sleeping space.


Memory foam mattresses are perfect forside sleepers and those who need extra bedtime support.


Pocket Sprung Mattresses


Crafted using springs sewn into individual pockets, a pocket sprung mattress, like The English Cabinet Co’s Emerald range, is designed to follow the natural curves of the body. It is one of the most popular mattress types on the market because it gives satisfactory support to the almost everyone.


Pocket sprung mattresses have been proven to reduce stress on joints and maintain the natural shape of the spine as body weight is evenly distributed across the bed.


Pocket sprung mattresses are perfect for…  couples of two different weights and sleepers who want the bounceof a spring-based mattress with an extra level of support.


Hybrid Mattresses


Created in response to the rising popularity of memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses have the health benefits of memory foam while maintaining the ‘bounce’ of a more traditional spring mattress.


Although a hybrid mattress, like The English Cabinet Co’s Rotherbury range, offers a superior level of support to traditional spring counterparts. As the base of a hybrid mattress is designed using pocketed springs, it is comfortable and isolates movement so that sleep is not disturbed when your partner moves in the bed.


Hybrid mattresses are perfect for… people who want a bit of everything. As they offer comfort, support and bounce for a mid-range budget, hybrid mattresses suit just about everyone.



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How to choose a mattress firmness



Finding the right firmness for your mattress can seem as simple as deciding if you would rather sleep on a soft, medium or firm bed. The reality, however, is a little more complex. Many factors should influence your decision, from your sleeping position to your body weight.


Sleeping Position


The position you sleep in is one of the most important things to consider when choosing the best mattress for you. Side sleepers are generally better on a softer mattress as it helps to protect the arm from getting numb and gives body parts that receive the most pressure in that position more support.


Alternatively, stomach sleepers find more support with firm mattresses. As the pressure in this position is all on the hips and pelvis, this area has a tendency to sink on softer bases which can cause eventually lead to curvature of the spine.


Back sleepers have the most variety of choice as the nature of the position means that pressure is spread out across their whole body, although they are most comfortable on mattresses with a medium firmness.


Body Weight


As a rule of thumb, heavier bodies need more nighttime support and therefore, need a firmer mattress. The heavier the person is, the more likely they are to sink low into a soft mattress. Likewise, if you weigh very little, a firm mattress is not likely to give your body enough support while you sleep.


If two people of vastly different weights are sharing a bed, it is recommended that you choose a medium/firm mattress to get a balanced solution for both.


Your Health


One of the other key influences for choosing a soft, medium or firm mattress is your health. For example if you suffer from back pain, a medium/firm choice is best for you. Alternatively if it is your hips that cause you issues, a softer mattress will be more supportive for your lower area.


If you are prone to aches and pains remember that while soft mattresses may feel cosy and comfortable, they could be sacrificing the support your body receives in sleep without you even realising it.


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The English Cabinet Co’s hotel quality mattresses



Are you baffled by the vast selection of mattresses on the market? At The English Cabinet Co., we aim to help you wake up fresh and ready for the day, which is why we have hand selected three hotel quality mattresses to help you find the best way to surround your sleep in luxury.


Why hotel quality?


Hotel owners invest a lot of time and money into giving guests a better night’s sleep than they can get anywhere else. Taking centre stage in their quest to provide the best sleeping experience is the bed itself. More specifically, the mattress. In fact, one of the things almost all deluxe hotel rooms have in common is that they come with the finest mattresses you could ever sleep on.


Therefore, to create the ultimate luxurious hotel vibe at home, choosing the perfect mattress should be your first priority. Hotels often conduct extensive research into what materials promote the best possible sleep and create custom-made mattresses to fit.


Here at The English Cabinet Co our collection of mattresses are all hotel-grade quality. Available in soft firm, medium firm and very firm, we have a range of styles available depending on the level of support you need and the position you like to sleep in


Our mattress collection


Imperial range


Crafted using generous 1,400 count pocket springs and supportive memory foam, our Imperial range of mattresses creates a gorgeous place to read the Sunday papers and relax. As a media firmness mattress, the clever memory foam moulds to your body shape in order to provide you with the best comfort possible. Finished with a luxury quilted damask cover and butterfly side walls, our Imperial mattresses are supportive, comfortable and beautifully long-lasting.


Shop our Imperial single mattress

Shop our Imperial double mattress

Shop our Imperial king size mattress


Rotherbury range


Developed to give a bouncy feel and added support, our Rotherbury range of mattresses is the perfect alternative to a spring mattress. It has been engineered using a clever combination of foam and latex which is all encased in a luxury quilted 100% cotton cover. A very firm mattress, it offers comfort, support, durability and an incredibly soft and cosy sleeping surface.


Shop our Rotherbury single mattress

Shop our Rotherbury double mattress

Shop our Rotherbury king size mattress



Emerald range


Crafted using the finest natural materials, you sink into our Emerald collection of mattresses. A combination of soft cashmere, fine mohair, horsehair, wool and cotton are all hand-teased and gently layered over 1,400 pocket springs to deliver a seemingly impossible level of comfort. As one of our most luxurious mattresses, the Emerald is guaranteed to give you the most divine sleeping experience possible.


Shop our Emerald single mattress

Shop our Emerald double mattress

Shop our Emerald king size mattress



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As with everything we do, our collection of luxury mattresses have been specially created to make life better for you.



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