The Benefits of Buying British Furniture

There has never been a better time to buy British. After years of outsourced production, social and environmental consciousness is now becoming more important to consumers than getting hold of products for the lowest price.


At The English Cabinet Co., all our furniture is manufactured in Yorkshire using sustainable materials. Below we discuss the benefits of buying British furniture and why sustainability matters in your home.




British manufacturers at work 


Investing in our country



The “Made in Britain” tag is powerful. It holds positive connotations of quality, locality, trend-led design and innovation. Because of this, when our belongings have been made in Britain, we have a more emotional connection to their roots. By buying British we are helping regional businesses and, therefore, our economy. We are also aiding the creation of jobs for people in our local area.


We want to hone the skills and inventiveness of British people and buying from them is the best way to do it. The craftsmen at The English Cabinet Co. are deeply passionate about what they do, and it shows in the products they create. This is one of the great benefits of British-made furniture, it is not mass-produced on a production line. It is created by people who care about getting it just right for you.



 British designers at work



Innovative design


British design is unique. In this country we have perfected the fusion of old and new to create something that cannot be found anywhere else.


To buy British-made furniture means to buy something that will look unique and different in your home. Instead of following the trend and having the same style of interiors as your friends and family, buying British adds an interesting aesthetic to your home that makes it stand out from the crowd.



 Ethical furniture materials, sustainably sourced



Ethical production



When you purchase furniture that is produced in Britain, you have a clear conscience that it has been made ethically. Workers are treated in accordance with current UK and EU legislation and factory conditions meet a strict set of standards with employee comfort at its heart. Buying from a company like The English Cabinet Co. gives you the assurance that no hardships have been endured by the workers who craft your furniture.


It is also considered more ethical to source materials such as timber sustainably by farming it from well-managed forests.



British made furniture delivery 



Better for the planet



Transport is one of the biggest impacts to our carbon footprint. Moving furniture across hundreds of miles, from country to country, only makes the globe’s carbon footprint bigger. Buying British furniture ensures that it only travels a short distance, from us to you, which leads to much reduced CO2 emissions.



 British quality and craftsmen at work



Quality and durability



British furniture is valued highly across the world when it comes to quality design and craftsmanship. So you know that when you buy British, you are investing in something that has been made to last you a lifetime.


Take The English Cabinet Co. wooden dressing table as an example, the finest ash is used to create the structure and its chamfered legs are framed with an intricate timber scroll that tapers beautifully to the floor. The top is skilfully crafted using durable solid oak with a unique grain that makes each one completely special to you. It also comes with soft closing drawers, adjustable feet, chrome handles and a choice of thirty different paint colours as standard.



British customer service and happy customers 



Excellent service



When all elements of a product are sourced and made in Britain, it is much easier to carry out quality control. Manufacturers do not have to travel miles to visit production centres that are on different time zones and run by people who speak a different language.


For you as a customer, this holds many benefits. It means that any issues are dealt with quickly and easily and it ensures that problems are detected before the product reaches you. This keeps the high standard you have come to expect from British design and manufacturing consistent across all products that you purchase.



 Innovative British designers and the furniture industry



Sustainability in the furniture industry



The story, background and journey of our furniture is more important than ever. We care about where it comes from, what it is made of and who it is made by. Research by Unilever conducted in 2017, found that a third of consumers choose to buy from brands they believe are doing social or environmental good.


This is no different in our industry. A number of associations like the Furniture Industry Research Association are challenging manufacturers to change their processes in order to work more sustainably. Thanks to this, we are seeing a positive shift away from the trend of inexpensive, mass produced furniture. Although there is still work to do yet.


At The English Cabinet Co. we believe we are pioneering quality and sustainability in the furniture industry. Every piece in our Old Manor Collection of luxury bedroom furniture has a story. Our entire portfolio is crafted and hand finished in the UK using wood sourced from sustainable forests. Each of our thirty different paint colours is water-based and non-toxic which eradicates the environmental impact of Volatile Organic Compounds that are found in solvent-based paint.





With The English Cabinet Co. you can be sure that your furniture has been designed with quality, style and ethics at its heart. Shop with a clear conscious today by browsing our collection of beautiful and elegant wooden bedroom furniture collection.



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30 colouring 
options available
30 colouring options available
Delivery when you spend over £50.00
Delivery when you spend over £50.00
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Furniture assembly & white glove service