The Best Places to Position Your Bed in the Bedroom

You are excited about your new bedroom decor. You have painted, chosen the furniture and selected all the little extras you need. The only thing left to make your room comfortable, cosy and ultra restful? Where to place the bed. From the middle of the room to right by the window, we are sharing the many places you can position your bed for a more relaxing night’s sleep.





 Bed position centred



The Centred Bed



The ideal place to position a bed is usually considered to be right at the centre of the longest wall in the room. As the most important piece of furniture, the bed should be the focal point and this positioning truly puts it in the spotlight.


Placing the bed at the centre of a wall gives the room focus. It also leaves ample space for bedside tables to fit on either side, which is both practical and creates a sense of balance. Placing the bed in this position gives you lost of flexibility when it comes to decor. Use the wall space wisely by including a beautiful decorative headboard or a stunning piece of wall art.


There are a few reasons why this layout might not be practical, however. If there are water or gas pipes running up the centre of the wall, the noise may interfere with the quality of your sleep. Likewise, if the longest wall happens to run adjacent to where the door is, the bed can create a visual barrier which might ruin the aesthetic of the room.



 Bed room position corner bed



The Corner Bed



Unique and practical features like fireplaces, windows, built-in wardrobes and radiators can have a significant impact on where you place your bed within a room. If wall space is limited and you do not want the bed to be directly underneath a window, consider placing it in a corner.


There are a few ways you can do this; you can position it at an angle so it sits across the corner, or tuck it in so two edges of the bed are touching walls.


This bed placement means that attention is not distracted away from any other potentially eye catching furniture or decor that is centred on walls in the room. If you have a large bedroom, placing the bed at an angle in the corner can also make a bold statement.


A corner bed, however, is difficult to get right as something often has to be compromised. With an angled centre position, there will be wasted space behind it. To balance this out, make sure you ground the bed by adding a curtain, fabric, shelf or screen behind it.


If the bed is positioned against two walls, it means there is only one open side so for those sharing a bed, it can make getting in and out a difficulty. This positioning can work work well with a wooden single size bed like in a child’s bedroom.



 Bed room position under the window



The Bed Under The Window



There is some debate about whether or not to place your bed underneath a window, with the general advice being not to do it.


This is because not only does it block the view of the outdoors, but on a chilly night, the cold draft might seep through and make for an uncomfortable sleep. Likewise, light sleepers should watch out for the natural light that comes through when the bed is placed under a window as this can also be a distraction. Alternatively, consider placing the bed opposite the window so that you can wind down with nature.


Sometimes, however, sleeping near a window is unavoidable. If the window is placed on a wall opposite a fixture such as a beautiful, original fireplace, then facing the bed towards it can induce peace and serenity in the room.


If you need to put your bed in this position, there are ways you can style it to create a stunning bedroom centrepiece. Make sure the curtains are hung high and wide so that none of the window is covered and opt for a low headboard to let in as much light as possible.



 Bed room position opposite the door



The Bed Opposite The Door



In feng shui the relationship between the bed and the door of the room is important. It is believed that lining your bed with the door creates negative energy that pulls at your strength during the night.


Instead, place the bed diagonally across from the entryway so you have a good view of the door. Make sure it isn’t facing directly opposite the door though, as this can often cause a sense of vulnerability.


If you have no choice but to position the bed next to a door, create positive vibes by adding a bedroom table with a stylish bedroom lamp and other decorative items.



 Bedroom position the bed as an island



The Bed As An Island



If space is on your side and you want a unique bedroom layout, consider using your bed to create an ‘island’ in the middle of your room. Although it may seem like it goes against any other advice you have read, and island bed does have its advantages. No walls makes getting in and out, and making the bed, easier and it generates a seamless flow around the room.


To make an island bed feel more grounded, add a head board or place it on a patterned rug. You will need ample space to opt for this layout, so if you are struggling for room this position probably isn’t the right one for you.





The main thing to keep in mind is that the best place to position your bed depends mainly on the size, proportions and fixtures in your bedroom. The English Cabinet Co. offers a selection of beautifully crafted, painted wooden beds in a variety of sizes, along with complementary hotel-grade mattresses that provide the softest, most relaxing place to rest.



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