The English Cabinet Co - Discover our beautiful story

The English Cabinet Co - Discover Our Beautiful Story

Every good idea starts with a question. For Suzi Ellis, the founder of The English Cabinet Co, the question was: “Where can I find beautiful, high-quality furniture that’s been made in Britain?”

She was seeking a stylish, affordable and expertly made dressing table for her daughter Tara’s bedroom. She wanted a classic piece; something that could grow with Tara as she left her teenage years and transitioned into adulthood.


In Suzi’s own words: “Tara is a trend-led teenager who is very particular about her likes and preferences. She has a great eye for interior design and fashion so I knew that pleasing her would be a job in itself. Tara knew exactly what she wanted; a modern functional room and, most importantly, a stand-out dressing table. I think every teenage girl dreams of having a gorgeous dressing table to spend hours at experimenting with make up.”


She knew it needed to be durable as it would have to withstand the day-to-day toll of make-up and products, hair straighteners, nail varnish and whatever else a teenager could throw at it. It also needed to be grey. Suzi searched far and wide for the perfect piece, but after much exploration she couldn’t find it.


She was astonished by the lack of choice in British-made goods and the attitude towards sustainability within the industry. Her search took her from Leeds to Manchester and even London, but she still couldn’t find what she was looking for. Despondent in her search, Suzi decided to take control of the situation by carrying out some in-depth research into the bedroom furniture market and trends. She soon realised that in order to achieve what she and Tara wanted, she’d have to produce something herself.


Suzi is married to Richard Ellis, a fourth generation furniture maker at J T Ellis, a company that has been manufacturing high-quality contract furniture for over 125 years. With the vision of exactly what she wanted planted firmly in her mind, Suzi sketched the design for an elegant, functional dressing table and handed it to Richard’s team to create. As the furniture supplier for over 80% of the universities in the UK, she knew she could trust J T Ellis to bring her designs to life.


What they created was more than Suzi and Tara could have hoped for, they were both blown away by the finished result.


Driven by her desire to bring similar high-quality furniture to more homes, her eye for beautiful design and her passion for sustainable British products, the idea for The English Cabinet Co was born.


Inspired by the original dressing table design, the team at J T Ellis began developing the first full bedroom range, The Old Manor Collection, and Suzi started work on the branding and positioning of the business.


Suzi created The English Cabinet Co for people who appreciate high quality furniture at affordable prices. For people who care about the cost and environmental impact of shipping products across the world. For people who value timeless design that stands the test of time.


It’s built on on the belief that UK manufacturers can produce extremely high quality furniture at competitive prices, that beautiful pieces can be manufactured sustainably in the UK and still be stylish and durable in the home.


Suzi is passionate about educating people on the heavy price and carbon footprint of their furniture choices. She wants to give consumers the chance to choose an affordable, UK manufactured product for their home, a product that is made in a family-run factory that will still look beautiful in ten years’ time. So far its seems like people agree as the initial reaction to The English Cabinet Co’s products, service and ethos has been extremely positive.


Suzi explains further in her own words: “I honestly believe people really do care about where they buy their furniture from, they care if the wood is from sustainable forests and they care about the working conditions of the people making their beautiful pieces, they care about the carbon footprint left on our world from our purchases. I am passionate about delivering our customers elegant, stylish pieces that stand the test of time in both design and quality.”


In June 2017 The English Cabinet company website was launched and the future looks bright. New ranges are in development and Suzi is looking forward to seeing where the business goes over the next few years.


To find out more about our first collection, The English Manor, take a look at our collections page here.

30 colouring 
options available
30 colouring options available
Delivery when you spend over £50.00
Delivery when you spend over £50.00
Furniture assembly & white glove service
Furniture assembly & white glove service