Unassuming but powerful; decorating with alternatives to white

Decorating with white is often overlooked. Considered to be stark, cold and unwelcoming, homeowners tend to shy away from using minimal colour schemes in their decor. In reality, white can be a great way to bring space, light and comfort to the home. The problem? It’s one of the hardest colours to get right.


Choosing the wrong pigments can leave you with a room that feels clinical and characterless but, if you choose your whites right, they can actually make a really strong statement in your home. Today we’re talking about how to turn a white room from unassuming to powerful by decorating with alternatives to white.




  decorating with white



Pure Whites  



Pure white brings a fresh, clean vibe to any room. Instead of using the colour on walls, which can create the cold atmosphere we alluded to earlier, consider bringing this shade in through your furniture.


Exposed wood looks particularly charming when painted pure white and adds a rustic charm to the room. At The English Cabinet Co, when the unique wood grain used to craft our cabinets is painted pure white, it instantly adds depth and texture to the colour. The wood and white combination lifts the ordinarily flat finish of the colour leaving a much softer look. Pure white works particularly well in the bedroom as it is the perfect space to add texture. Through layering and mixing shades of white, you can create an individual look that oozes style.


White’s association with being fresh and clean also makes it a great choice for the kitchen. Pairing pure white cabinets with the pops of colour you naturally find in this area - such as fruit, herbs, plants and coloured glasses and plates - turns what could be an unwelcoming environment into a bright, airy and fun space to cook, eat and converse.


Explore our beautiful range of bedroom furniture in pure white by ordering a sample of the colour here.




decorating with porcelain



 Porcelain whites



If pure white is a little stark for your taste, porcelain white might be the shade for you. The two are similar in tone, but porcelain white has a slightly richer hue.


Whereas pure white can create a fun lively atmosphere when paired with brights, porcelain shades bring a calmer, more balanced feel to a room.


Porcelain whites are the perfect base for spaces that tend to be decorated regularly. As they are warm in tone, they pair perfectly with rustic shades in autumn and pastel brights in summer. If you’re considering creating a space that can transition easily into different seasons; porcelain white is a good choice for you.          


If you want more inspiration on how you can use porcelain white in your decor, our Pinterest board Colour: Porcelain White has lots of fantastic ideas.




decorating with stone white



 Earthy whites



Nature creates the most wonderful inspiration board for using alternatives to white in the home. Think of limestone walls, freshly fallen snow, a collection of duck eggs, the petals of jasmine - the colours are hardly ever purely white.


For a natural feel, consider bringing outdoor colour inspiration into the home in the form of earthy whites. As we light our spaces with predominantly warm light, natural coloured pallets and materials create a cosy atmosphere that stands the test of time.


Earthy whites are even more effective when paired with natural materials. The English Cabinet Co furniture achieves this dynamic by pairing beautiful natural colours, such as stone white, with sustainable solid oak that creates a lovely natural and comforting feeling in the home.




decorating with grey white



Grey whites



If you want to make bold tones pop - rather than shout - grey white is the base colour you need. It is extremely on-trend at the moment and has replaced creamier whites as the neutral colour of choice.


Grey whites come in a variety of shades; warmer colours with brown undertones are great for use in spaces where entertaining happens like the dining room or kitchen, whereas cooler colours with blue undertones are ideal for relaxing spaces such as the bedroom.


Cooler grey whites, such as The English Cabinet Co’s dove grey are crisp, clean and look great with blues and beiges. Warmer grey whites such as The English Cabinet Co’s old lace, are complemented by yellows and pinks and look great when paired with natural wood.



decorating with cream



Cream whites



If you’re looking to create a more traditional look, creamy whites are the ultimate in classic chic. Perfect for living spaces and bedrooms, they work especially well when paired with layers of contrasting textures.


Worried that sticking to a simple colour pattern will lack some depth? Pair creamy whites with wood for the ultimate contrast of tones and shades. The English Cabinet Co’s bedroom furniture in ‘dairy’ is a good place to start when it comes to mixing classic creams with sustainably sourced, high quality materials.


Creamy whites also make a great base colour for walls where art is going to take centre stage, as they allow the intricacies and details of the artwork to be the focus. If you’re looking for artwork that stands out against white walls, take a look at our range of contemporary and classic pieces here.






Interested in decorating in any of these alternatives to white? Order a free sample pack from The English Cabinet Co today and request the following colours: pure white, stone white, porcelain, old lace, dairy and dove grey. You can order your free sample pack using the code TECC-SAMPLE below. 



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