Our Guarantee

We are passionate about quality, and care about our manufacturing base and our customers. Our products are built to last. All products manufactured by The English Cabinet Company are guaranteed to remain free from material or manufacturing defect for a period of five years from the date of delivery.

This guarantee does not apply to lighting and chairs within the product range. This guarantee does not apply to any damage to of defect in the goods arising from:

(a) fair wear and tear
(b) any misuse, wilful damage, abnormal storage or working conditions, accident or negligence by you or by any third party
(c) damage caused by fire, flood, or any other abnormal environmental cause, smoke, damp or high temperatures
(d) failure to operate the goods in accordance with the user instructions
(e) failure to carry out adequate care and maintenance in accordance with our instructions
(f) any alteration or repair by you or by a third party who is not authorised by The English Cabinet Company to carry out the repair
(g) any incorrect specification provided by you
(h) faulty workmanship of anyone other than someone authorised by The English Cabinet Company
(i) accidental damage normally covered under buildings or contents insurance
(j) use of the Goods other than for domestic purposes.

In the event of a product discontinuation, the English Cabinet Company reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative or part. This guarantee applies only to the original customer and cannot be transferred to any other party. We will at our discretion, repair or if necessary supply replacements at it’s own cost of all goods which are or become faulty due to the defects in the design, materials or workmanship during the period of this guarantee.